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Booster Board
UP Booster Board President
Stacey Silver Teutrine

Tina Moon

Cash Johnson

Shella Narag

Athletic Director
Jeremy Marshall



Omar & Kirun Ahmad
Altman Family
Chris & Kendra Crews
The Daly Family
Davis Family
Buffy & Greg Ellsworth
Evan & Andrea Feloni
Garvey Family
Mary Beth Goff
Dr. Lori James Gross
Janseen, Kelly, Nolan & Reese Hand
Hertter Family
Ron, Aline, Daphne, David, Naomi,& Ryn Johnson
The Martin Family
Russell & Desma McElveen
Kim Maguire & Aaron Newcomb
The Pohlman Family
D.W.,Jennifer, Will & Emmerson Presley
Ken & Jennifer Rhude
Teutrine Family


Donna Bachman Addington
William & Melissa Banz
Cris & Mark Byrd
Finigan Family
Kristy Bender & Eric Holzmueller
Rick & Cash Johnson
Chris Midden
Tina & Joe Moon


Eli and Brandi Anderson
Jay,Billie,Taylor & Jordyn Crippen
Jeff & Ericka Grubbs
The Meredith Family
Kay & Thomas Moyer
Pam Stevenson


Frances Chipman
Luiz Gustavo Gomes
Goodson Family
Yi Liu
Ryan, Marissa & Colton McKee
The Narag Family
The Rowans
Kevin Tesar & Eroica Rhodes
Teresa & Eric Snyder

The Booster Club

about 1 year ago

One of the challenges of any organization is to let people know who you are and to get them involved in what you do.  The Unity Point Booster Club is no exception.  Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Who can be members of the Booster Club?
Parents, teachers, grandparents, school administrators and community members can join the Booster Club.

How do I join?
Complete and return the membership form with your dues to the school office.  Click below for membership forms.

What does the Booster Club do?
The mission of the Booster Club is to promote school spirit, as well as support and enhance extra curricular activities in art, music and athletics.  Some of the Club's activities include sponsoring awards receptions for fine arts and athletics, fundraising, purchasing supplies requested by activity sponsors, and organizing school spirit events.

My child is not old enough to participate in extra curricular activities why should I join?
The Booster Club is not only concerned with supporting these programs but also in helping to build programs for the future.