Public Access

5 ILCS 140/4 The Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is designed to ensure that the public has access to public records and information about their government, including school districts. For the convenience of our parents and community, electronic versions of district forms can be found on the District Reporting portal and can be accessed by clicking here. Full access to the District's public records is available to any person as provided in the Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Persons wishing to view or obtain copies of District records should submit a written request directed to the District's Freedom of Information Officer: Laura Silva, at 4033 S. Illinois Ave, Carbondale, IL 62903 or via email at Persons making a request for copies of public records must pay a copying fee. No copying fee is charged for the first 50 pages. The copying fee for each page after the first 50 pages shall be $0.15 per page.

Sex Offender Notification

According to the Sex Offender Community Notification Law, 730 ILCS 152/120, parents of children attending Illinois public and private elementary or secondary schools have the right to information about sex offenders made available to the public. Information regarding the Illinois Statewide Sex Offender Database is accessible via the Illinois State Police Department's home page at This database includes a new mapping system where the public can identify any registered sex offenders living within 5 miles of any given address.

Civil Rights Data Collection

2 years ago

Civil Rights Data Collection
The CRDC contains wide-rangingaccess and equity data from our nation's public schools.

 Did you know the CRDC includes data about...

* Enrollment Demographics

* Prekindergarten

* Math & Science Courses

* Advanced Placement


* Discipline

* School Expenditures

* Teacher Experience

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